Hot Chamber Die Casting

Hot Chamber Die Casting process

The Hot Chamber die casting process is one of two major methods of die cast production and is use primarily in the manufacture of zinc die cast products. The Hot Chamber die casting process differs from the Cold Chamber process in that with Hot Chamber die casting, the supply of molten metal is attached to the die casting machine.

The process begins when ingots of zinc are placed into a furnace between 700-800 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes the zinc to liquefy. While the molten metal remains in the furnace, a shot sleeve is immersed into the furnace, whereupon it transports the molten material directly into the die halves in the casting machine. The molten zinc is then held under tremendous heat and pressure until it solidifies. This can take as little as a few seconds, depending upon the size of the die casting part. When completed, the die caster extracts the die casting from the die.

CNC machine or die casting part
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