Thermal Deburring

The Thermal Deburring process

Thermal Deburring is a finishing processes that utilizes instantaneous, intense heat to remove burrs and other imperfection from die cast parts. The process begins with the placement of parts inside a cylindrical chamber, which is then sealed and pressurized with a mixture of combustible gases. The gas mixture completely engulfs the parts, removing machining burrs that would be virtually impossible to remove by way of a typical tumbling process. For this reason, Thermal Deburring eliminates need for a more costly and more time intensive hand deburring operation. With Thermal Deburring, no hole is too small, no burr so inaccessible that it cannot be removed. In fact, so confident are we in our Thermal Deburring operation, that we ensure 100% removal of burr or flash using the process.


Request a thermal deburring quote today! We are located in Tualatin, Oregon – USA.  

Northwest Die Casting also offers these deburring processes:

Machining and Finishing

  • Machining
  • Trim
  • Mill surface
  • Drill holes and thread
  • Tap holes
  • Ball burnish
  • Sand and buff
  • Polishing
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