Types of Die Casting Dies

Which type of die cast is best for you?

There are several different types of die casting dies depending on the needs of the customer. The die casting die is determined by several parameters, such as the volume of parts required, sizes of the casting part, desirability of core slides, cast-inserts requirements, and requirements for a “family” set of parts.


Prototypes are usually requested by the client to manufacture a small amount of die castings under production conditions. These types of dies enable meticulous testing and market exposure before the customer has to commit to full production dies. To get a precise die cast characteristics only production from an actual die casting will yield a part. There are many strategies and methods that can be used to approximate a die cast part for eventual production die casting.

Rapid Tooling Dies

Rapid Tooling is the process of creating dies and inserts in a method which provides a shorter lead time than the conventional method of heat treating, rough machining, and finish machining. Processes used for rapid tooling include methods like RSP (rapid solidification process), LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping), EBM (Electron Beam Melting), DMD (Direct Metal Deposition), and KTEL. These methods produce tools that can be used as a prototype or production dies.

Production Dies

Production Dies range from single cavities with no slides to multiple cavities with multiple slides. They are the most common type of tool produced. High quality tool steel is used to make the cavities which are retained in a quality holder block. Production dies are produced to acute dimensions, coring the max amount of stock from the casting and allowing the agreed upon amount of machining.

Unit Dies

A Unit Die is usually a low cost production tool which has a standardized main die frame and replaceable cavity units. The replaceable cavity units have the ability to be removed from the main die frame without the need to remove the standard frame from the diecast machine.

Trim Dies

Trim Die is a tool that is used to trim overflows and flash from the diecasting part. This tool can be single or multi cavity and is made in the same configuration as the diecasting die. Trim dies require the use of quality material when designing like die casting tools in order to extend their production life.

Die Cast Mold
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