Automotive Die Casting

Automotive Die Casting is our Speciality

The Automotive industry is the largest single market for aluminum die castings. Aluminum offers the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to increase vehicle performance, boost fuel economy, and reduce CO2emissions while improving safety and durability.

Automotive manufacturers are turning more and more to aluminum because it is lighter than steel and makes vehicles more fuel efficient to operate. 1 kg of aluminum replaces 2 kg of steel, which in turn produces lighter, more fuel efficient cars and trucks.

Aluminum castings are used for numerous automotive parts, including wheels, cylinder blocks and heads, pistons, brake cylinders, and suspension arms.

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Facts about Aluminum

• Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in the Earth’s crust, comprising about 8% by total weight.
• Aluminum is the second most commonly used metal in the world, next to Iron.
• Aluminum automotive parts have good thermal properties and can be cast net shape.
• An aluminum auto part weighs about 1/3 less than the same part made from steel.
• A modern vehicle with components made from aluminum can be 24 percent lighter than the same vehicle made with components made of steel.


Aluminum die-cast automotive cap from Northwest Die Casting


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