Die casting companies and other industries in the manufacturing sector operate on a B2B basis. Because of this reason some die casting companies wonder if it is worth having a presence in social networks. They wonder how a social network presence can benefit them or their customers.

Northwest Die Casting utilized a few social networks such as LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter. This helps companies connect with each other in a simple and efficient way. It gives researchers the ability to find a question to a problem in one place. Potential customers or suppliers can also check out a company and find out from their online profile if they are a good fit for them.

The ability to follow certain companies or industry leaders gives anyone the ability to find out what is going on in the industry. Social media is a great for building brand awareness and driving engagement.

Northwest Die Casting has been in business 15 years and is already a well known and respected leader in the die cast industry. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise in die cast design, die cast engineering, die cast manufacturing, and overall die casting knowledge we are able to easily share our ideas and insight to professionals all over the world. This has helped our die casting company become more connected with our customers and others die casters.

Social media is a great tool if utilized correctly. There is a rich and vast amount of information from companies within your industry to learn from. One can receive timely industry news and take advantages of new methods and technologies coming out everyday.

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