CNC Machining Services

Delivering high precision, high tolerance machining services at competitive prices

Northwest Die Casting provides a full range of high precision CNC machining services to meet your unique parts requirements. We specialize in single-part prototyping and short to large production runs. We can also schedule blanket order production runs to help you better manage inventory and control inventory costs. We provide precision machining solutions for a wide range of clients, including those in the automotive, irrigation, medical and manufacturing industries.

Our goal is to provide American quality parts, on time, and at highly competitive prices. We understand our customers need for value added services to complement our die casting operations.

Thanks to our advance CNC machining capabilities, can manufacture parts almost as soon as they day they are ordered, utilizing superior aluminum and zinc alloys for superior part performance, appearance and longevity.

We have the knowledge and expertise to machine the most difficult jobs in a timely and expert manner. Northwest Die Casting is always looking to take advantage of the latest technologies and techniques to streamline our production processes and pass the increased efficiency along to our customers in the form of faster turnaround and cost-savings.

Our on-going investment in Precision Machining

At Northwest Die Casting, our goal is to provide our customers with excellent value and trusted service. Toward that end, we are constantly keeping up-to-date with emerging technology in our industry. In addition, we are continually investing in computerized machine tools and other state of the art technologies to better meet customer needs. To further enhance our value added machining services capabilities, we plan to add two more CNC machines next year (2016). This will expand our CNC department to a total of 6 machines.

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Northwest Die Casting is dedicated to providing smooth, highly efficient precision machining. Whatever the part, we have the experience and expertise to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.

If you are in need of CNC precision machining, prototyping, or fabrication services, we are ready to become a partner in your success. Contact Northwest Die Casting today and we will promptly contact you regarding your machining needs.