Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory Deburring

Northwest Die Casting offers vibratory deburr, a finishing process unmatched for its low cost per piece. Vibratory deburring can produce finishes in the 10 to 4 micro-inch range, allowing die cast parts to be optimally processed and prepared for plating. Vibratory finishing is used to deburr, remove flash, clean, burnish, brighten, and refine surfaces.

How Vibratory Deburring works

In the Vibratory Deburring process, specially shaped media and die cast part and placed into the tub of a vibratory tumbler and allowed to rub together. This creates vibration, causing the media and workpieces to move about in a circular motion. This circular motion is important, in that it keeps the pieces separate and prevents them from impinging upon one another. The deburring process can be either wet or dry, depending on the application.

The finishing operation is determined by the media and compound being used. The operations performed on die castings are usually polishing or refining, both of which utilize a combination of plastic media and a mild alkaline compound. Because of the soft, lightweight nature of the media used, die cast parts are unlikely to be scratched or gouged.

Vibratory finishing can be used for the following applications:

  • Deburring
  • Surface smoothing
  • Polishing
  • Degreasing
  • Surface cleaning


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