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Northwest Die Casting believes in building a talent-based organization. We want to grow talent and put each person in a position to succeed. We do this by not just focusing on the strengths but also the areas for potential improvement. Our mission is to leverage and develop each individual’s talents and abilities to grow personally and professionally.
Do you want to work with a high-performance team that overcomes different daily challenges? Are you seeking to be part of a team that works together to contribute to a company’s advancement? How about being involved in projects or managing critical tasks?
If so, this is the place for you.

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Being available, having the capacity to listen to and respect differing points of view.


Dependability means taking first-person responsibility when you have a job to do. You never blame someone for your work that is not done right.


The appetite to go further, adopt a positive attitude to face challenges and go beyond the comfort zone.


Being determined means having the stamina to see things through regardless of how tough they are.


Having a pleasing disposition, smile, being positive regardless of how huge the challenge is part of being delightful at work. A delight at work carries a positive attitude. It is the positive energy that rubs off on others. It is a real and sincere feeling.

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